Projects and expertise

User experience consultancy­

I am an experienced professional who can help you deal with tough design challenges, and craft products and services that are functional, engaging and successful.

Working since 2003 as an information architect, interaction designer and UX producer. Clients range from startups to corporations with millions of users such as eBay, PayPal, Expedia, Thomson Reuters, Sky, Philips, to name a few. 

Active as a consultant in many different industry sectors, and part of several international teams around the world.

UX Map

Flow diagrams with monkey hanging from connectors

UX Map is a toolkit that helps designers deliver a detailed, comprehensive design documentation that leaves no space for ambiguity. It works in combination with prototyping software Axure RP and makes it possible to add contextual interactive annotations, depict user journeys in the form of navigable maps of the user experience, and detail all sorts of interactions using a simple visual language. 

UX training: advanced Axure RP prototyping

Desk with keyboard, smartphone and few other objects

An in-depth training package to learn one of the most advanced rapid prototyping software available today. The tutorials allows designers with no coding capabilities to create rather complex front-end patterns in the smallest amount of time, without writing any code.

Off the beaten tracks exploration

I’ve been running a Meetup group in Berlin, to discover little-known corners such as abandoned places with historical meaning (from airports to war bunkers and memorials), examples of industrial architecture, an artificial biosphere, a piano factory and concert hall, a Greak and Roman plaster cast collection, the underground museum, and much more.

Meanwhile, I’ve also been exploring the hidden wonders of the country where I was born, Italy.