Projects and expertise

User experience consultancy­

I’ve been working as a user experience designer since 2003, at time when this profession was relatively new. I am a specialist at crafting products and services that are functional, engaging and successful, with a special focus on the digital sphere.

Each new project is a design challenge that differs from the previous one, and requires a distinctive approach. As a freelance-based consultant, I’ve been involved in a wide variety of industry sectors and business set-ups, joining international teams in major cities of Europe and the US. My clients range from startups to corporations with millions of users such as eBay, PayPal, Expedia, Thomson Reuters, Sky, Philips, to name a few. 

I currently provide bespoke UX consultancy with focus on both strategic and practical issues.

UX training and mentoring

I am putting together a UX training program that is going to summarise over ten years of professional experience as an independent user experience consultant.
I am also available as a mentor to help those who need to get familiar with UX or want to start a career as UX designers.

Desk with keyboard, smartphone and few other objects

The first course, already available for download, sums up my 8-years experience working with prototyping software Axure RP 8. It’s a meticulous collection of best practices, practical tips and examples.

UX Map

Flow diagrams with monkey hanging from connectors

UX Map is a toolkit that helps designers deliver a detailed, comprehensive design documentation that leaves no space for ambiguity. It works in combination with prototyping software Axure RP and makes it possible to add contextual interactive annotations, depict user journeys in the form of navigable maps of the user experience, and detail all sorts of interactions using a simple visual language.